Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall Family Pictures

Here in Indiana we have lots of yellow in the fall which I LOVE so it was really fun to shoot this cute yellow & brown family :)
 Had to post this one because the kids make me grin!

Alaina 3 months

This little sweetie was so calm. I couldn't get any smiles, but it sure was a change from my wild non stop moving kids!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Crazy 1 & 2 year old!

I haven't taken any pictures of Tommy for over a year & I was reminded why!  These kids are so impossible to try to make hold still without making them cry.  On top of that Tommy decided to fall asleep right when we were supposed to start taking pictures so by time we got there it was too dark & the kids were tired & hungry.... so photo shoot FAILED, but thought I'd post what I got in case I don't get any more for awhile.
 I thought this one was pretty cute & can't decide what crop I like best.
 Hehe, so cute :)
 Only time I could get Tommy to smile was when he was running, throwing stones, or dancing.
He got extra sad & pouty at the end.
So we had Dad get in the picture to cheer him up.
 Finally I settled for this picture I took the next morning in our backyard.  The only way I could get him to smile was to let him wack me with a golf club & pretend it hurt (why he's at a funny angle!)
Whitney was a pretty good sport, but it was just too dark.
  I'll definitely try with her again when Tommy isn't around for her to chase & watch.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Whitney 6 months

I've been looking forward to taking these pictures for a long time so I'm happy they turned out good! :) :) :)

One of my favorites ever!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Whitney 6 months

I actually have the CUTEST little outfit planned for her 6 month pictures, but we went to get family pictures tonight & I snapped these before our friend showed up to take our pictures.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Whitney & Tommy Summer 2011

I've been meaning to get pictures of the two of these guys together all summer & since we just passed the last day of summer I figured I better attempt getting a picture of these two. It is so HARD to get kids this age to sit still & be in the same picture together! Here they are at 5 months & 21 months :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Ben's Family

My brother had me do his family pictures a couple of weeks ago. I have never done a family photoshoot & I was hoping to get a bunch of fun creative ones, but he is probably the worst subject! He wants his pictures done in 2 minutes flat, the sun was out so bright & I have since found out that my camera was broken... on my to-do list of things to get fixed :( It made it so this picture isn't crisp & clear in resolution which is hard because they don't live close by to try again! Sorry Becky! All things considering, it still came out pretty cute. I love the yellow!

And here is my all my siblings with my Dad. I really wish this group was together more than once every 5 years! Lesson learned: sunset lighting is way better than morning sun lighting.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Family Sealing

It was so wonderful to see my sister-in-law & her family get sealed together for eternity. It has been such a blessing to see their spirits just glowing & the light in their eyes as they have worked toward going through the temple yesterday. It was a very sweet sealing & reminded me that I need to work harder at keeping that sweet spirit in our own home. Here they are right afterward... just glowing! I framed this picture/matt for them for their "wedding" gift :) ...not sure why it is so fuzzy on here, maybe if you click on it, it'll get clear?!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Katie & Brennon 8-12-2011

My sister got married last weekend & had a GORGEOUS wedding. Everything went perfect & she had it at the Hilton where I thought they gave 5 star service. It was really nice :) I can see why pre(couple)bridals would be nice because by time we got these two together for pictures the sun was out full & super bright so it was hard to avoid all the harsh shadows on their faces... and on top of that the temple grounds were all under construction so we had all of 2 places to pose for pictures!

Katie's Wedding Decorations

My stepdad & I tagteamed the photography on the rest of the day since I was a bridesmaid/ sister so I was busy playing & then trying to remember to snap photos of the decorations! Her cake is my favorite:
The flowers were really cool out of frosting.

Ha! I laughed that this was the groom's cake (an actual 3D ball from the side)

Katie wanted these simple lanterns so they wouldn't blow over if there happened to be a breeze (which there wasn't) and also because she wanted live butterflies on the inside.

Even her chairs were cute.

The food at dinner was REALLY good!

I loved the fancy dinner centerpieces. One day I'll be together enough to create this on my own dining table :)

I thought the glasses looked really cool stacked up in a pyramid all night.

Yummy finger foods at the reception. My favorite was the spinach & artichoke dip.

I loved these lights & floating flower balls lining the whole area... another thing that needs to go into my backyard one day.

Everything looked different at night & it was MUCH cooler. Maybe the reception should have started at 9 instead of ended then!

Buffet table at night.

We had lots of fun dancing too of course! ...I didn't get much of that though cuz I was busy boogying on the dance floor :) :)